A very happy thanksgiving

Hope all my blogging friends had a wonderful thanksgiving. My family and I had the best thanksgiving since we all used to gather at my mom’s house more than 10 years ago. So thankful for my family, my precious son, my beloved brother and sister and my adored cousins who drove 18 hours to spend thanksgiving with us. This time with my family was so heartening, so happy, so joyful for me. We cooked the thanksgiving meal together. We went for walks in our beautiful park. We went out to dinner. For me, this time with family is so precious. All traces of depression were gone. I sometimes think if I lived in a large compound of homes with my extended family, maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t have bipolar d/o anymore. Perhaps that is some mighty wishful thinking… but sometimes I really do think just that. With all my family around me, I was able to live totally in the moment. No anxiety about the future, no depression about the past. I am grateful we had this time together, to laugh and make memories and to strengthen our relationships. My sister also got me addicted to watching “Jane the Virgin,” a good series. Very well acted, albeit a bit simplistic.

A lovely time. Really a lovely and happy time. Now onto other things. Going to Buffalo for my son’s birthday next week. And going to Pakistan in the end of December. I’m actually traveling on Christmas Day!

A smattering of our thanksgiving pictures.


6 thoughts on “A very happy thanksgiving

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. I really hope you get better soon. I know what you mean by “my brain doesn’t care” very well. Sometimes mine doesn’t care either and I don’t like it at all. Hugs coming your way.


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