I can take a licking and keep on ticking!

My son, the BRILLIANT skater!IMG_0160Me before my accident, oy ve!

Well, first of all, I feel like a fool for not even thinking about wearing a helmet for my first time on the ice! Not very smart. I have a concussion, but luckily, the only effect is a giant headache 😦

I feel fine and the interestingly amazing thing about all this is that my anxiety completely disappeared! Whatever measures my brain took to overcome the concussion made short work of my anxiety! Wish we knew what they were and we could bottle them. Also, I stayed in bed ALL day long, because of a terrible headache and fatigue. And I didn’t feel guilty or bad or useless about it, like I do when I stay in bed because of depression/anxiety issues. It was as if this concussion, because it was a physical reason, it was a valid reason to stay in bed. God! Even I practice stigma and discrimination against the mentally ill, namely myself.

But really, the disappearance of anxiety, and the practice of accepting that I needed to stay in bed, well these were the two positive side effects of getting a concussion. Pretty amazing, sometimes good things really do come out of bad, out of your control events.

So I am fine, have not much anxiety at all, haven’t forgotten to speak, eat, or think. Occasionally I do search for words, probably as a result of the concussion. Hopefully this will desist, as words and communicating clearly are very important to me.

Ok, so you can officially call me a Timex watch, I can take a licking and keep on ticking. Hahaha.

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