Went ice skating…


… for the first time ever, I was having so much fun and  I was doing really  well in the beginning. Then I started pushing off and skating a little harder. I shouldn’t have done that, because the next thing I knew was that I was in a stretcher being worked on by EMTs. Apparently I fell and hit my head on the ice and got a concussion,  also got a very bruised tail bone. Ouch! I’m fine. I had a cat scan and an X-ray. All’s well. I do have a concussion though, and do not, not for the world, remember the fall. However, my anxiety is gone. I has massive amounts of anxiety the last 10 days or so, but it’s gone!!! I feel light and airy and calm and at peace. How did that happen? Maybe I simply needed a clomp on the head, ha ha ha. Will it last? I hope so. I hate anxiety, feeling like the world is ending for no reason whatsoever. A concussion cured anxiety! At least for the moment. Not happy about my head and tailbone pain but thrilled about the absence of anxiety. And I have promised myself I’m going to learn how to skate like a pro. Oh yes I am! 

14 thoughts on “Went ice skating…

  1. Oh my God – I love ice skating and I was excitedly telling Craig about your post (which I was reading/looking at the series of pictures in real time) and then I got to the photo with the EMT’s!!!!!!!!! :000000 :((((((((((((((((((((

    At least the anxiety is gone – that’s FANTASTIC and most important, you’re okay! I’ve slammed down on my tailbone long ago and I suspect I fractured it. The pain was insane. What I would do if that happened now is take arnica homeopathic pills (they are supposed to be safe to take with most meds) & arnica external gel – everyone laughs at me about using arnica, but it works!!!!!!!! And it’s cheap!!! Just a thought. πŸ˜‰

    Love you Samina!
    Glad you’re okay!
    And I’m super-proud you’ll try skating again – woo hoo!

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