My mother’s family’s home in India

This is my mother’s family’s mansion, crumbling as it is in parts. It’s in Sheikhupur, India, a town that belonged to my mother’s family. My mother’s cousins, elderly, unmarried females, live there even now. They are protected by Samoyed dogs! I just found all this out when I was in Pakistan a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if the love of Samoyeds is inherited!



The two ladies are my mother’s cousins and live in this crumbling mansion, protected by Samoyeds!


3 thoughts on “My mother’s family’s home in India

  1. This is astonishing! Do you know the year it was built?

    How on earth did Samoyeds make it to India??!! I came upon a compound in Tamil Nadu that was guarded by a pair of huge and ferocious St. Bernards, in a mountain enclave that was once a resort for British Army officers and their families during the summer months, because it is in the mountains, cooler and fewer malaria bearing mosquitos (although there were plenty of bedbugs 😜

    I love seeing your photos and reading your wonderful stories about your family. And everything else! xxx

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    • Amazing, right! I’ll ask my aunt when it was built, she had the pictures and is writing a book in Urdu called “Ruins Speak”! My mother’s family used to vacation in the hills for the cool weather and clean air. Xxxooo


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