And on the flip side of boohoo…

Yes, boohoo is fine and dandy, but there is another side to being upset. And it is being unbelievably grateful that I am sitting here, fine, able to do everything as I could before the concussion and the car accident. I mean to say that I am very lucky that I walked clean away from both. So, no more boohooing, even though I do miss my car…

I have a new car, a V6 Honda Accord, 287 horse power! I like it a lot, I would love it if I wasn’t missing my old one. Ah the vicissitudes of having a mood disorder… and getting attached to everything… bah… Zen Buddhism anyone?


My new car, I almost love it.


My old, beloved little car, this was all the damage it had, but the insurance company totaled it :-((( I was going through a green light when I was struck by the car below. Hondas are warriors!!!



The car that hit me, it blew up like it had been bombed!!! It did hit me hard.



4 thoughts on “And on the flip side of boohoo…

  1. I drive a Honda too, so I understand how tough and reliable they are.

    I am stunned at how little visible damage there is on your car compared to the other. You must have bent the frame or something like that to have it totaled by your insurance company.

    At least you are safe and well!

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