A Question

  A question for my readers: Do you think it is possible for us to heal from trauma and change the way our brains and minds function and live peaceful, normal lives?

Please do me a favor and let me know what you think. 

Thank you and hugs. 

15 thoughts on “A Question

  1. I ask myself that question all the time. Like, every waking minute.

    I’ve been Rolfed, which is supposed to reset muscle memory. Hurt like hell, but didn’t do much.

    Hypnosis was interesting. So was the year of NLP certification training.

    Acupuncture is a trip, good for endorphins, but….

    30 years of psychotherapy gives me someone to talk to, at a price…

    Lots of medicines put me into a coma at night and block out the flashbacks that otherwise have me on the ceiling all the time….

    And just when I think I’ve got things pretty well under control, my son tells me I’m not good in his eyes and I’m back groveling, begging, and what good is it a all?

    But I will not let them have the satisfaction of saying, “See, I told you so, she did it just to get attention.”

    I’m too damaged to go out and get another degree to prove to myself that I’m really “somebody.” So I lick my wounds in the desert and wonder whose bad idea this whole thing was.

    I think my answer is, for me, the die was cast when I was in utero. My mother was a dexadrine abuser, I was a drug addicted newborn, and by the time my mother actually held me it was too late, no bond, just major inconvenience, and that’s been written intro my soul like Kafka’s “Harrow.”

    I didn’t mean to go on like this but once I got started I couldn’t stop…


  2. I believe that we CAN change our brain chemistry with cognitive therapy and “thinking about what you’re thinking about.” But I don’t think we’ll ever be “normal” in the sense of the word that the rest of the world recognizes.


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