My Experiences With Different Social Media

These are my experiences, observations, and opinions about some social media sites. Let me know what yours are. 🙂

Facebook-create: in my experience, it is the nicest, most supportive, most positive, informative, happy, socially conscious place to be! Love it. I could do without having everyone know when I’m on, and everyone knowing what I liked, oh and yes their owning all my data and pictures… But sharing with people, my relatives overseas and friends in US, as well as all over the world in one fell sweep is priceless!

instagram-logo-changes-update-lead: I love it, there are some very pretty pictures on it, and everyone likes the pictures and the comments are always positive! I think the most likes I’ve gotten is about 15… I did get 28 views of a video (Zumba) I posted… but I recently discovered hashtags, haha, so lets see if that improves the likes…

twitter: It is quite indifferent to me and I am quite indifferent to it, (shrugging my shoulders, is there a shmsh?) I never get any replies or likes or anything on my once every month tweets. I also don’t comment much on anyone else’s. I find Twitter a bit meaningless, maybe just my age, as I know things can often go viral there and all… whatever, it doesn’t speak to me.

YouTube-avatar-generic (11): Youtube is great, I love the videos, I’ve posted some. Not as interactive as the other social media sites, but the videos can be amazing, and I like it.

download: This is the only site I’ve had a very negative experience with. I was posting my blog posts on, I think it was the bipolar subreddit, and people on there started saying “this person has an ulterior motive, stay away from them.” Then one of them looked at my blog and said I explicitly stated that I wanted to get more views by posting on Reddit. Duh, of course I wanted to get more views, that’s why I post on FB, Twitter, Google +. So anyway, I don’t post in that subreddit anymore, I just post in other ones. But it’s not very user friendly and tells you all the time that “You’re doing that too often, come back in 8 minutes!” Sheesh, a website with an attitude. Also you can’t make your own sunreddit till you’ve been on it for a month and received so many karma points. I may just stop using it.

download: Awww Flickr, I think that was the first such site I ever used, and posted a bunch of pictures, but I haven’t really been using it for years. There are some amazing photographs on it though.

download (2): I have a google+ account, basically all I ever use it for is to post my blogposts from this blog on it. I never get any likes on it, no one has ever indicated that they are reading the posts, no comments. So it’s not all that useful for me…

download (1): I have an account here, but I don’t think I’ve pinned much here. I don’t really understand the point of pinterest… but that’s just me. I’m sure many people find it absolutely fascinating!

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