Just a Little Inspiration

Found all these going through Instagram. They are wise words, words of inspiration and words that make sense in a world that has seemingly gone mad. I just wanted to share them with my friends/family/readers. 

This first one is so funny yet so true! Must water grass on my side of the fence, haha. 

This (below) is also true in the truest sense. Things happen to us, some of which are very undesirable, but that is the nature of life. We cannot control life, we can only control our reaction to what is happening. 

Below, again so true and practical and empowering. If you wait for other people to act before you act, you not only give your power away, you are not acting at all, only reacting. So act with the best intentions and let the leaves fall where they may. I am only responsible for my thoughts and actions and feelings. What comes from you is your responsibility. 

Below: Oh I love, love, love this one. It’s not done in an instant, it is not done with force, but with time, and patience, and persistence! The best example I can give from my present life is my blog. I was patient, persistent, and even consistent. And the funny thing is I was doing it only for the pleasure of doing it, nothing else, no awards, accolades, or recognition. But they came anyway! Because I was loving what I was doing. Then for a while the pressure of it all got to me, and I stopped blogging. But now I’m back and doing it for the fun of it again. Fun, and sharing, and information. Oh sorry got off topic. Anyway, don’t anyone give up, persistence is the path to success! 🍾

Below: Must remember this, very difficult to do sometimes. Other people’s bad behavior, rudeness, so easily elicits a like response from us. But the other person is most likely not being “rude” or “bad” but may be having a rough time with something. It’s funny, no matter how RUDE we think someone is being, they think they are perfectly justified in acting the way they are acting. As do we when we act negatively. It’s difficult for people who are empathetic to not be affected by other people’s moods, but what the Dalai Lama says makes a whole lotta sense! Emotionally, I wish I could be him! 🌞

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