I Got Nothing

I was going to post some scientific research about similarities in schizophrenia and autism, but decided not to (Read it here if you’d like: Autism, Schizophrenia,Epilepsy, Dementia .) Then I was going to write something, anything, as a post, but have nothing. Not sad, not happy, just have a little ball of dread lodged in my solar plexus. Besides that, nothing.

Finished reading the “Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy” book. Hilarious, and she is so hilariously incompetent that anyone would feel better after reading it. Maybe that’s the reason for her popularity… But really, really funny book. Highly recommend it!


Got five more books from my favorite bookstore in the Highlands, haven’t started reading them though. One of them is the earlier writings of Jane Austen known as Juvenilia! I didn’t think there was anything by Jane Austen in existence that I hadn’t read! But there is, and very excited, will start reading it tonight 🙂

Jane Austen Juvenilia

Worried about my son, haha, of course worried about my son. I know I shouldn’t worry about him, he is intelligent and capable and he is going to pass the Bar and find a job and take responsibility for himself and his life. May he have a beloved, happy, healthy life, doing what he loves to do. That’s the prayer of a mother’s heart.

A 1 A 3A 2

Politics have been absolutely appalling, but since Hillary is slated to win by 88%, I can relax about that, whew! I hope! Still have to get my KY license, have a spare NY license so will always have that 🙂


Been going to Zumba, so FUN! A smile never leaves my face when I’m doing Zumba!

Hope to have something more inspiring shortly…

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