My great grandfatherIMG_9598

My grandfatherDSCN7286

My grandparents with my cousin, their first grand child.DSCN7290

My grandfatherDSCN7288

My eldest aunt’s wedding.DSCN7265

My youngest uncle, who passed away at age of 21 in an accident.DSCN7284

My aunt (left) and my mother (right)DSCN7382

My aunt learnt how to play the sitar! A sort of a big deal, as music was not allowed in Islam (!?!?) But my grandfather was an enlightened man, who also sent my mother to a medical college to be educated as a doctor. She became an OBGYN!DSCN7374

My grandmother and my oldest cousin.Nani

My cousin and I (on the right.) DSCN7232

My Fatto Khala in healthier days.DSCN7376

6 thoughts on “Relations

  1. What a beautiful family you have! You favor your mother, don’t you think?

    Was it music not allowed by Islam, or music made by women? In Orthodox Judaism, women are not permitted to sing in the presence of men. Not merely not permitted, but asur (haram), because a woman’s voice is said to be sexually provocative. This is one of the reasons I left Orthodoxy!

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      • I tell you, Samina, these misogynistic religions are killing the world. At least Jews don’t stone women anymore, but there are, in one extremely misogynist part of Jerusalem, modesty squads that will break into an unmarried woman’s home and beat her up if she doesn’t cover to their specifications, or if she’s married, they’ll beat her husband for not controlling her! I myself was a target of certain men who violently disagreed with my role as a religious leader in my neighborhood. The hell with that! Are only men made in God’s image? How the hell do they think they got here? How about they all go play “war” together with Tonka Toys and leave us alone. Yeah, I had about a 15 year argument with God and finally decided that if there is a divine creative force, we are part of the process but it only depends on our stewardship of the planet, not what some religion says. Although I do like what the Sikhs have to say, I like certain parts of mystical Hinduism, and I love Jewish mysticism, which is way trippy. We should get together and compare head injuries (how is yours, by the way?) and look at old pictures and drink Arak. Damn, it’s time for my evening dose of Arak right now! Do the have Arak in Pakistan?

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      • Absolutely agree with you! Women are valuable and intelligent and of course we need to be valued. Any religion that relegates half of human kind to the back burner is just idiotic! I left Pakistan when I was 11 years old so I was not exposed to all that. And miraculously, my grandfather was an enlightened, modern man who believed in equal rights and education for women! I am so proud to be his grand daughter! No alcohol in Pakistan except if you’re a foreigner or on the black market. They do have Raki in Turkey, delicious. Good night and have a drink for me. It would be lovely to get together with you and conversate. 😊💕


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