Five to Quit, One to NEVER Quit!


And one thing to NEVER, EVER quit: Being Independent! Don’t depend on the good wishes of anyone, on the affection of anyone. Be everything to yourself! Give yourself the love you never got, give yourself the approval you never got, everyone else is battling their own issues, give unto yourself. And having given to yourself, then try and give to others as well. Be a beacon of love and warmth, at least try!


Quit these:

Trying to Please Everyone: Yeah that always works! Everyone is always so pleased by everything I do, they call me “The Princess!” NOT! It never works. Don’t try to please everyone, in fact don’t try to please anyone, just do what you think is right and proper and necessary. Don’t worry about anyone else! And never explain yourself to anyone.

Fearing Change: Change is the only constant! Ha! It really is! Nothing ever stays the same, you never step into the same river twice, blah, blah, blah. No, seriously, we are all changing every moment, the day turns into night, summer turns into fall, and ebony hair turns grey. Thermodynamics, entropy, aging, change, read about it!

Living in the Past: If it’s been said once, it’s been said a million times, you can’t change the past! No matter how many times you go over it in your head, you cannot change the past. So don’t think about it, don’t live in it, they don’t have very nice accommodations!

Putting Yourself Down: Yeah, this is the real one. Put yourself down, and immediately, there will be people who call themselves your friends, who will absolutely agree with you! They’ll go a few steps further and perhaps pull out all the stops and trash you! In fact people will put you down out of the clear blue sky, you don’t even have to utter one single word against yourself. Why put yourself down? Everyone else is already ready to do it for you, yes they unfortunately are… so build yourself up, so when people put you down, there is still a structure called “YOU” left standing!

Overthinking: Just three words: Don’t do it!

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