Amazing! My Son Really is a Lawyer!

Doesn’t have the Bar results yet.

A very happy and amazing moment.😊 My husband called my son, the young, new lawyer, for advice on a complex issue having to do with some business of our biotechnology company. To hear my son give him advice and his opinions to his dad was quite amazing. This son of mine who only graduated in late May, and just found his first job last week, is a bona fide lawyer. He said things like “… the argument pursuant to title 12 of the document…” to my husband and explained the whole issue to him and came up with a way to resolve the issue! I am floored πŸ˜€! My son is really a lawyer! He has the language, the ideas, even the brain of a lawyer! Amazing! May he be successful and loved and happy and healthy in this wonderful life he is beginning.


My grandfather was a barrister and then a Magistrate in India during Queen Victoria’s reign and he was a great legal mind and had compassion and love for both Muslims and Hindus. He was an extraordinary man and my son may be well channeling him! Life: amazing, unexpected, absolutely sublime and wondrous!

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