Back in Louisville

And I miss my son. I am beyond thrilled that he has a job as an immigration lawyer, the setting is a bit Seinfeldesque! In fact, I told him to write down everything and turn it into a TV show, it definitely can be done, somethings that happen are quite outrageous…

But anyway, I miss him. His energy, his laughter, his passion, I miss him. Just the fate of mothers, you make them with your own body, you nurture them and raise them, and love them, and of course all the time you are doing that, they are becoming independent. And that is truly your aim, who wants a grown son too afraid to leave home, too afraid to fly? But when they are gone, it is heartbreaking. You worry for their safety, (there were break ins at his apartment complex the last few nights) you miss their bright, shining faces, you miss talking to them, hugging them. Is this the way it will always be?

I know my son’s childhood is over, he has joined the workforce as a young and competent lawyer and yes I am thrilled, but I am also sad. We will never live in the same house again as a family, I will only see him when I visit him.

I think it is time to start getting busy instead of wallowing in misery, especially when everything is going so well with my son!img_2195img_2168

One thought on “Back in Louisville

  1. Yes – what’s a mother to do when her baby chick has flown the coop?! Hoping you find some fun new interests to get into while we wait (and wait …) to be grandmothers!

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