Still Cannot Believe It!

Well the unthinkable has happened, at least for me and my ilk. We have a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, hate mongering man as president elect, who will be appearing in court for child rape charges, fraud charges and racketeering charges, and who refused to release his taxes, a 40 year old tradition. All this was well known, yet people still voted for him. That’s a story for another time. My point here is what happens now? Do Hispanics get thrown out? Will there really be a wall built? Climate change control is surely out the window. Obamacare will be defunded. Goodbye keeping your children on your insurance plan till age 26 and goodbye for not being denied due to a preexisting condition.

The most important and frightening issue for me as a woman who comes from a Muslim family is what’s in store for me and my family? Will I have to wear yellow crescent badges to identify me as a Muslim even though I have been an atheist for more than 35 years? Concentration camps with trump’s followers doing the seig heil salute? If you think I’m being extreme, read up on how the holocaust started. Disgruntled Germans elected a man who promised them their dignity and economy back. They chose a group as scapegoats and off they went. Everyone concurred, no one said a thing. Is this to be the future of people from Muslim backgrounds? With the election of this white supremacist and every kind of … man, what is going to happen to us? I have never felt unsafe here, I moved to the US in 1972, I was a child. Now I feel unsafe, threatened, not sure what to expect. This country has changed from the land of the free and the home of the brave to a country with a fascist, racist, sexist, narcissistic, sociopathic president who has the endorsement of the KKK and who is being prosecuted for the rape of a 13 year old girl among many other things. Also, totally  incompetent people like Giuliani, Christie, and Gingrich are going to be part of his team, the IQ of the administration has dropped by at lest 200 points. How did everything become so upside down and backwards? How will it all turnout? I have always loved this country, the acceptance, the curiosity, the love, the helpfulness, the togetherness, the optimism, the science and technology. But now, I am Afraid, very afraid, unsettled, anxious.

14 thoughts on “Still Cannot Believe It!

  1. Ugh…….the weeping Statue of Liberty picture captures my feelings as do your words. To top things off we have stomach flu going the rounds here. Going to go wash yet another set of sheets and pull up some carpet. :(((((( Please take care of yourself during this soul-sucking time! XoXo

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    • Thank you so very much for the confidence! I have never felt the desire to be in politics, so I must say no. I do do a lot of work with children, the arts, and I’m happy with that. Thank you again, for your confidence in me!


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