Feel Too Much

Sometimes I just want to break down and cry

At the exquisite beauty of life

At the hideousness of it

At the warmth and tenderness

At the frigid, iciness

At the loving arms enveloping me

At the cruel feet kicking the life out of me

At my terrifying, heartbreaking love for my precious child

At the fear and terror that everything will go wrong

At the family gatherings with love, care, and compassion. Loving togetherness

And the aching goodbyes, the pangs of missing each other, “Oh we were all together just yesterday!”

Feel and feel and feel too much

My heart cries out at your tender touch

Time to up the Lithium? Yes, if it gets any deeper than this.

Beauty and feelings mean nothing to me if I’m in the hospital in a freaking manic phase.

10 thoughts on “Feel Too Much

  1. Sending you my love, my beautiful friend. I know how it is and suggest that you up the lithium now, not later… forgive me for sounding bossy I just don’t want you to suffer anymore than you have to, in the 900 mg of lithium I take a day and make such an enormous difference, although at one point my former psychiatrist had me at 1575 and it was a total nightmare…hair falling out, shaking like a freak… think I’ll just leave it at that. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers today!!! Xoxo

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      • XOXOXOOXOOXOXOXOX Seroquel has also saved my ass big-time as you know. Praying for you tonight to the “unknown angels” – I would do it right now, but I’m in a room with other people and need to be alone since it requires my saying it out loud, LOL!!!!!

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