Helping myself 

Wow! Sometimes you do something only in the spirit of helping someone, and it totally comes back to bite you in your derrière. You don’t have to do this thing, you are under no obligation to do it. But for some reason you feel someone is asking for your help without using the exact words, so you actually try to help. My advice was actually to read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Also it was about the effects of L-Dopa when people first start taking it for early onset Parkinson’s disease. How that advice could be taken wrongly and twisted to make me feel like I’d done something wrong is quite puzzling and quite beyond me. 

Do I stop helping people? If someone reaches out to me either in words or actions, do I just ignore them to avoid the backlash? Yes. For a bit. Until I understand how trying to help someone is wrong. I’m going to stop. For self preservation. For my own peace of mind and for the peace in my life. I’m going to put myself first. And not go out on a limb to help anyone else. 

I have always been helpful and selfless. But this incident is teaching me how to be more selfish and less selfless, so that I cannot be turned into the scapegoat into which I have frequently been turned. My entire life. I think I needed that lesson. 

5 thoughts on “Helping myself 

  1. I’m so, so sorry about this!
    Whoever gave you a hard time is acting seriously and truly you-know-what.
    Take a break, definitely, from helping others, my sweet.
    You don’t need that b.s.! You can return to helping others when it’s the right time for you. For now, please put all your energy into Lady Samina!.
    And do everything you can to shield yourself from that toxic person!!!!!
    Love you!!!!!!!

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