Ah yes, another doctor’s appointment, another fiasco!


Here we go again! I had an appointment with a new endocrinologist, Dr P, my first appointment. I got there on time, signed in. I was called in to the examining room by a young woman with bright red braids. She signed in to the computer, looked at me and said “How do I know you have thyroid problems?” I said I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I’ve been treated for it for the last three years. She said: How can you prove you have this? I told her my TSH was 102 (the normal is 0.2 – 5) when I was diagnosed, I am on 125 micrograms of Synthroid. She said: Do you have any paper work, any ultrasounds, any scans? I said no, I wasn’t told to bring any, if I had been told to bring those, I would have. But I do have a thyroid condition. She said this doctor will not see me unless I give her the number of a doctor who can provide substantiation. So I gave her the name of my psychiatrist, Dr. E and his phone number, because he recommended this doctor to me. She sent me back to the waiting room. A few minutes later, she came out in the middle of the full waiting room and announced “That is the number of a psychiatrist, we need the number of a real doctor.” What?! A psychiatrist IS a real doctor, I exclaimed! She said no, a real physical doctor. I again reiterated that a psychiatrist is a real doctor who treats real illnesses. I told her I do not want to speak with you anymore, I want to see the doctor I came to see. She said he will not see me unless I give her the name of a real doctor. So I gave her the number of my old endocrinologist and she left. I just sat there, fuming by now, what the hell is this, intimidation and blackmail central? I considered just walking out, but I stayed to see what this new doctor would be like. Then I saw this new doctor, I explained to him how I’d been treated and he simply laughed me off.

Wow! Here is me, an unsuspecting person, coming to see this doctor for the first time and this is how I get treated! There are so many things wrong here that I don’t know where to begin!

Ok, first off, you do not challenge a patient to prove that they have an illness! Why the hell would I be wasting my time in crummy, crowded waiting rooms talking to idiotic women whose iQ is probably borderline moron, if I didn’t absolutely have to.

Secondly, you do not come into a waiting room full of strangers and announce that I have given you the number of a psychiatrist! I mean yes, I blog about my illness, and if I choose to tell the whole waiting room that I see a psychiatrist, that is my business. But, and this a big but (haha) you with your idiotic red braids and rude manner do not have the right to announce it on my behalf. Ever heard of HIPA? And anyway, no doctor is going to give you my information over the phone unless I have signed a release, which I had not.

Three, so a psychiatrist is not a real doctor! Then, by extension, the illnesses he treats are not real illnesses. WTF are you saying here and what century are you living in, the 6th century?

Four, the doctor laughing me off! Really? Your staff is obnoxious, rude, confrontational, doesn’t respect my privacy, and you are going to laugh me off?

Just writing all this down is upsetting the hell out of me again. Damn! I mean really?

So here’s what I’m going to do about it, I am going to write to this doctor about the unprofessional, disgusting, rude way I was treated. He works at Norton hospital. I am also going to cc this letter to the CEO of said hospital. That is all I can do. If they have any professionalism and ethics at all, I should receive an apology. I am not a vindictive or even a negative person, but something like this can not be simply forgotten. Something has to be done about it.

And obviously, I am not going to see him again. Aaaaaarrrrggghhhh! Can I not get a break with all these morons with MD and DDS degrees and their inept, moronic employees?

Ok, I’m done. I’m going to do some deep breathing now, maybe watch some Golden Girls and get over this nasty episode, yet another nasty episode. Geeez! I’m seriously leery of going to see anymore doctors.

Oh and I am going to enlighten my psychiatrist about the fact that he is not a real doctor, poor guy was operating under the misconception that he was a real doctor! Hahaha!

My Short Video For The Healthline.com “You’ve Got This” Series.

You've got this!

I made this video for Healthline.com (link below.) It’s a series called “You’ve Got This!” and it’s meant to be a positive inspirational message for people who have been newly diagnosed with bipolar d/o. Here’s the link to the video I made. It was quite an emotional experience, even though it’s short, it brought up a lot of emotions about when I found out I had bipolar d/o and when my brother was diagnosed with it, he was the first one in my family to start showing symptoms of this illness. Sort of a hellish time. We didn’t know what to expect, what was going to happen to my brother. Then I was diagnosed with it. A time of upheaval and terror, really. So I am so happy to be able to offer reassurances to people who are newly diagnosed that things will be fine. It is imperative that they stay in touch with their doctor and follow the doctor’s advice. And their lives will be their own again.