My Short Video For The “You’ve Got This” Series.

You've got this!

I made this video for (link below.) It’s a series called “You’ve Got This!” and it’s meant to be a positive inspirational message for people who have been newly diagnosed with bipolar d/o. Here’s the link to the video I made. It was quite an emotional experience, even though it’s short, it brought up a lot of emotions about when I found out I had bipolar d/o and when my brother was diagnosed with it, he was the first one in my family to start showing symptoms of this illness. Sort of a hellish time. We didn’t know what to expect, what was going to happen to my brother. Then I was diagnosed with it. A time of upheaval and terror, really. So I am so happy to be able to offer reassurances to people who are newly diagnosed that things will be fine. It is imperative that they stay in touch with their doctor and follow the doctor’s advice. And their lives will be their own again.