Here we go again! The positives of having bipolar d/o? Zip, zilch, nada, NONE!


People keep asking this idiotic question: What are the positives of having bipolar disorder? Seriously? One thing of which I am certain, no one with bipolar d/o would ask this question, I know this as surely as I sit here typing! How about asking a cancer patient who has been given a few months to live, and is puking their guts out from chemotherapy, how about asking them the positives of having cancer? Really? Bipolar d/o is an awful, very often terminal disease that takes over your life and tortures you! What exactly is positive about this? If people who have bipolar d/o are creative, they would still be so without this hellish illness. If people with bipolar d/o are empathetic, they would still be so without this awful illness. This is an illness, there is NOTHING positive about having it! For International Bipolar Foundation to ask this tired and insulting and patronizing question really gets my goat!

What are they saying? Since this is a mental illness, we don’t need to take it seriously, so lets ask people what the positives are about having it? Really? What’s positive about staying in bed for days on end, crying and contemplating suicide? I mean organizations like¬†International Bipolar Foundation are there to support and promote understanding of people with BPD, not ask idiotic, patronizing, dismissive questions like what are the positives of having an awful illness that can make you kill yourself. Just stop with this idiotic question, please just stop!

My answer on their post on FB: “There are NO positives of having this hellish disease! None. Such an idiotic question, would you ever ask a cancer patient what the positives of having cancer are? This is a deadly disease no one needs. If people are creative. it isn’t because of bipolar disorder, they’d be creative even this illness hadn’t claimed their lives. Please stop trying to put a positive spin on this ugly illness. I expect more from an organization who calls themselves “International Bipolar Foundation” :-(“