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I found a very good ecounselor via this website: She was insightful, easily understood what I was telling her, and reframed many of the things I told her as an obsessive worrier, and made positives out of my negative thinking. I am so glad I set up my account and was fortunate enough to have been matched with this smart, helpful, insightful lady.

I actually found this website advertised on, what else, Facebook! I asked my psychiatrist if ecouseling was a legitimate and helpful thing. He said that in studies that were done to determine exactly that, no difference was found between ecouseling and conventional (you go to the counselor’s office) counseling. So I decided to try it and I am very, very happy that I did.

I made an account with all my info. The first week is free as a tryout. Then you get charged $35/month. This includes one hour long phone session (additional phone sessions are $20/hour) and unlimited texting with the counselor who has been matched with you.They have literally 100’s of counselors and if you don’t like the one with whom you were matched, you can request a change.

They matched mine to me very well. Really happy that I did this and I will be setting up more appointments with her, for sure.

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