A Walk 

Went for a lovely walk at sunset. Still light enough to take pictures, but the sky was reddening in the west. Walked with my husband, he likes to walk in the neighborhood and I like to walk in the park, opposites even in this. Haha. We compromised, walked in the neighborhood to the park and walked home through the park. Feeling a bit low, not too low, just a bit. Just a bit slow. Oh well, nothing catastrophic. I’ll get over it. Exercise will help, have my FaceTime personal trainer session (my trainer is in California, I’m in Kentucky.) It works, he just sits at a Starbuck’s and drinks coffee while I exercise. Good for times when I have trouble motivating myself. The pics are from my walk. Nothing earth shattering and nothing catastrophic, I’d say that’s a good day! Does this even qualify as a Bipolar1Blog post? Hmmmm…

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