A Physical Illness For A Change

Buster Poster

Yes Gentle Readers, I have a cold. Not just a mild cold, a whopper of a cold. My nose feels like it is made of solid concrete. And the rest of me feels quite like a wet rag. For the last two days I thought I was suffering from really bad allergies, but now I am sure it is a cold. My sister had it when we were in Turkey, I’m sure it’s the same one. Wow! The timing could not have been worse. Three days till the opening of our play called  “Buster!” We have 5 hour rehearsals every night and then the performances start. This takes an enormous amount of energy, as you have to be on your toes the whole time you are on stage, and for this Musical In Concert, it means the WHOLE 5 HOURS! Ugh! Did I say this was an awful time to get a cold? Well it is, all I want to do is stay in bed, with an icepack on my head, but no such luck. I’ll be there for the rehearsals, and OF COURSE for the performances, because gentle readers, the show must go on!


Usually, as a person with bipolar disorder, I look forward to physical illnesses, lol, because you get so much more sympathy and understanding if you have the flu, for example, than if you have the depression (why are people in a depression and have the flu?), you don’t have to hide the fact that you have the flu, you just rest in bed, maybe get Tamiflu, and everyone understands, and you get better, and go on your merry way. No one tells you to be strong, to be positive, it’s all in your mind. BUT, this time I don’t have the luxury to be physically ill, as weird as that may sound… I have a play, OMG, I have to be ready to do this play. Maybe Dayquil will work, and none of the ingredients will make me manicky… might not be so bad, manicky might be good for on stage… ok I’m rambling, I’m done, going to bed…

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