My PMAD (Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder) Gets No Respect! Part One

My friend Dyane’s exhaustive review of what is and in not Postpartum Bipolar Disorder!

Dyane Harwood


Happy Thursday, my friends! Thanks for stopping by!

Since 2013 I’ve abstained from writing this post because I worried it wouldn’t apply or appeal to most of you, even if you have bipolar disorder. But I decided to finally spill the beans. Why? Because it feels good, it’s free, and most importantly, there’s the chance this information may be relevant to a reader.

Postpartum bipolar disorder is often ignored or misunderstood by the postpartum and bipolar communities. It helps to know what postpartum bipolar disorder is, exactly, as different definitions are floating around the world.

So here goes – a little bit ‘o explanation – PPBD 101, if you will! 😉

My mood disorder postpartum bipolar disorder (PPBD) is also sometimes referred to as postpartum onset bipolar disorder. While I’m currently seeking a more recent statistic, in 2008 it was found in the United States that 29 out of 1000 women were affected by…

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2 thoughts on “My PMAD (Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder) Gets No Respect! Part One

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog, Samina! It’s a honor and I’m thrilled you chose it.
    I’m exhausted from writing about PPBD so much lately! 😉
    It has been ***wonderful***to get support from beautiful kindred spirits such as you.

    Now, when will you sing one of your songs from the upcoming community theater production for us????


    • You are very wekcome. I think I must have developed ADD, I can never do such a detailed and exhaustive post as you did! Good job Lady Dy! Haha, they turned my solo into a monologue. But I can sing what it was before and post it. What the heck.

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