It All Goes Together

“Our common sense has been rigged, you see, so that we feel strangers and aliens in this world, and this is terribly plausible, simply because it’s what we’re used to. That’s the only reason. But when you really start questioning this, say: is this the way I assume life is? I know everybody does, but does that make it true? It doesn’t necessarily, it ain’t necessarily so. So then as you question this view that underlies our culture, you find you get a new kind of common sense, it becomes absolutely obvious to you that you are continuous with the universe.”

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2 thoughts on “It All Goes Together

  1. “I am you and you are me and you are he and we are all together…”

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s very beautiful.

    Even apart from the message, I tripped out on the Northern Lights sequence. I might go back and play that over and over. I wonder if I could make an infinite loop out of it??? (I gave up computer programming after discovering that all I could program was infinite loops😨)

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