What this blog has done for me


Firstly, it has provided a chronology of my moods, showing me in no uncertain terms that what goes up must come down, but not only that. It has shown me that I am not my moods, I can transcend my moods. Something I think is forever, is certainly not. The next blog post shows that clearly. It has helped chronicle my journey and helped me be kinder, more loving towards myself as well as kinder and more loving towards my family and friends. Yes we all may go off the deep end, myself totally included, but we can also swim, walk, skate (haha), fly , drive, jog, or ski, back to places of joy, laughter, kindness, love and equanimity.

Also, since I have been posting a lot of my family history, going back 200 – 300 years (the mansion), there has been the unexpected, but truly welcome result of bringing my family together. As not uncommon in families, we have had our differences, but this clear illustration with pictures, of our roots and commonality has forged a strong bond of familial love. And I am endlessly happy about that.

Our trip to Pakistan also obviously strengthened our bonds with our beloved family.

So, on to more blogging and more laughter, lovely, healthy relationships and hugs and kisses for all of you, my friends, family and readers.



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