Making Peace With Me

“Making peace with your shortcomings has nothing to do with thinking you are beautiful or perfect or brilliant, and everything to do with putting down your weapons of self-destruction and refusing to fixate on what is missing. Like many things on this journey called life, this is about changing how you think, not how you look.
So go ahead, crow!”
Brilliant blogpost! Thank you! I intend to take your advice!

I remember, as a young child, being told, “quit bragging!”. Adults told me, told you, not to brag, because bragging about yourself was very, very, wrong. Be humble, I was taught. People who talk about themselves are egomaniacs. We tell our kids they are amazing, but don’t really want it to go to their head.
Psychology is cool. If you take the time to learn about people you begin to understand that it’s possible to like yourself without turning into a jerk. The science on this is fairly straightforward, insecure people brag too much. People who have made peace with themselves and have a decent self-image tend to be humble, and for one very obvious reason: the more you learn about life, the more you understand how much you still do not know. Most of us struggle with crippling self-esteem issues and if we do not deal with this lack…

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6 thoughts on “Making Peace With Me

  1. I wonder if there are some cultural aspects to this? I was always raised to no be a braggart, traditional Asian household in my case.

    However I have found that this isn’t necessarily a good thing – with a slight distinction. It good to be confident and be recognized for your abilities/accomplishments.

    I feel that bragging is on the level of arrogance, no substance behind the bravado.

    So I strive to be confident but a braggart.


    • I agree. I think bragging comes from insecurity. But confidence comes from trusting your abilities. I know I can do a lot of things well but I don’t brag. And yes I know about being brought up in Asian families, mine was Indian and there was no bragging allowed. 😊💞

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  2. I’ve noticed that some of the coolest, smartest people are so humble.

    I find myself feeling like I constantly have to prove myself to others, and it’s so draining. If I could boost my self-acceptance, I’d have that much more to offer myself and others. t

    hanks for inspiring me & making me think, as usual! XOXOXOXOXOXOXXO!

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