Our trip back

So! Our trip back… after our perfect Nantucket vacation! Well the trip back was far from ideal. Sorry, I have to get this off my chest… We got to the airport at 11 am for our flight leaving at 12:43 pm. The first thing we saw was a line literally a mile long to check in. Never had seen that before. Ok, we stood in line, checked in, had to check in my two carry ons as they were both over 30 lbs and we were flying a puddle jumper with 10 seats on Cape Air. Ok, no problem, I checked them in. Went through security, got to the waiting area and realized all the flights were getting cancelled. People from the 9 am flights were still waiting to leave. Our flight got delayed, ok, its just late. Then our flight disappeared from the monitor. What’s going on? No one is telling us anything. In the meantime, THREE Jetblue jets have taken off, the Cape Air people are telling us there’s fog in Boston and they can’t fly. We have to get from ACK to BOS to CLT to SDF. And we are not even close to leaving ACK. So now it’s been 3-4 hours just sitting in the boarding waiting room, three little puddle jumpers leave. No room on any of them for us. So we wait some more. Finally it looks like it’s our turn, they give us boarding cards, line us up to board… and at the last minute they say “No, no there’s fog, we have to wait till 6 pm to leave. Please sit down again!” And all 9 of us are flabbergasted, “What?!” we say in indignant voices. “No, sorry folks, nothing we can do!” Then, believe it or not, they board another 9 people on another puddle jumper and that one takes off. Now I’m getting in their faces and asking what the hell was that. Well that plane got an earlier slot and could take off and we got a 6 pm slot. Ok so we wait for another two hours, board the plane and take off for Boston. Halfway through, yes, halfway through, the pilot says he can’t land in Boston and has to land in Hyannis. So we do. Then we get taxis to drive us to Boston. I try to get my luggage in Boston but no one has any idea where it is. We call the Hilton at Boston airport, they have five, yes five rooms left. So we book one immediately! We get to bed at about 11 pm. Get up at 7 am for a 9:30am flight on American Airlines. Which we did and went to Charlotte, had a nice lunch and finally boarded a flight to Louisville. Got in at 2:30 pm. Only 19 hours late. Went to the AA luggage office, asked if they knew where my suitcases were. Nothing in the computer after Nantucket. And she suggested that I wait for the luggage that comes out, mine might be there. So, went to the carousel, hoping, hoping, hoping, my luggage would be there. It wasn’t. Went back, filled out a lost luggage report. Got 1 800 numbers for AA lost luggage. Went home. Called lost luggage number, most of the information on the report was wrong. Corrected it all. Hoped I’d see all my favorite dresses, shoes, etc. again. Was expecting to wait a few days but happily got an email an hour ago that my luggage is on its way to be delivered to my home! And just a few minutes ago, I got my luggage. Yaaay! Very happy I got all my things. Sorry, I’m attached to all my favorite people, pets, clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

Well, after the beautiful Nantucket vacation we had, this wasn’t the nicest way to get home. But we are home, the babies and the kitties are fine. And I even got all my stuff. Can’t ask for much else. Sorry, had to get all this craziness off my chest. At one point it felt like we were not getting home. Stranded on Nantucket… hahaha… Well from now on, no more Cape Air and their puddle jumpers. From now on we’re flying Jetblue. As god is my witness!

Some Nantucket pictures.

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