Nantucket Blues

img_5221Yes, feeling blue. Fighting it. Must start taking L-methyl folate, since I lack the enzyme (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase MTHFR for short haha) which is necessary to convert it from folate. This will help my mood. I can’t take SSRI’s because they make me cycle too much. Going to start taking it immediately as well as vitamin D2 because my levels are abysmal and hope this down, dark, drab, dull, dreary, dismal, depressed mood goes away. Visiting worthlessness, meaninglessness, tiredness all of a sudden. Get blindsided every time. Fighting it though. And as always, I will win!

8 thoughts on “Nantucket Blues

  1. You WILL win!!!! You always do!!!!!
    I’m proud of you for having a precise plan of action, darling.
    And OMG – look at those spectacular photos – they are absolutely breathtaking!
    Please keep us posted on how you’re feeling once you start the L-methyl folate and vitamin D-2.

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