Lost Boys and Girls.

I hope they are found and most importantly, they find themselves.

You can always tell who has been brought up with love and patience and understanding and who has been brought up with anger, violence and abuse. The former are peaceful, have found their purpose and are fulfilling it. The latter are reliving the trauma of their childhood by creating the same devastating conditions in which they grew up.

If you grew up with fear, you not only live in fear, you actively create and seek out conditions that will perpetuate a fearful life. If you grew up with anger, your first response to stress will be anger.

I know some lost boys and at least one lost girl. It is tragic that they have no peace in their lives, only conflict and discord, which, at this point is self created. My heart aches for these children of calumny.

One of the lost boys who is a young man now, is so afraid that he thinks he will be homeless once his parents are gone. He is constantly living in fear, which is expressed as anger, and he is inadvertently pushing away people who love him. As a child, he hid in the shower and under his bed out of fear. His young and very sensitive nature was programmed to being fearful and expressing anger.

You see fear is devastating and terrifying, while anger gives these lost boys and girls a sense of power and control over their lives, when really it is a very destructive force that only leads to more fear about the loss of control over their own lives as well as their ability to make a loving and fulfilling life. Not only are they perpetually living in these abhorrent states, they also unconsciously try to pull out the anger and fear in other people and ultimately lose the live of people who genuinely cate for them. And all along they are actually asking for love and understanding. That is the tragedy with living with anger and fear.

Another lost boys, who is also a young man, has chosen a terrifying profession so he can keep himself in the terror of his childhood. He doesn’t understand that this is happening. Although he is seeking help.

The lost girl, who is a woman of some years, also lives with the effects of the abuse and anger and fear that she knew as a child. Does understanding bring relief? She doesn’t know.

Lost boys and girls are often highly sensitive and intelligent creatures, who have tragically lost their childhood to the fear and anger of their parents, and so the cycle perpetuates itself.

Is help available? Can they, will they get help? Can they be healed? They don’t know it, but I think help is available to reclaim their lives and live in peace. Everyone has a journey, I hope all the beloved and loving lost boys and girls find the understanding and self love, desert the fear and anger and live a life full of love, peace and understanding that they so desperately deserve.

All my love to all of you and us.

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