Migraines gone! Onwards and upwards!


Thank goodness! The migraines are gone, mood is fine, now this might be too much to ask, but can the muscle weakness and muscle pain please go away?

Gosh, I was looking at a bunch of bipolar blogs, and it’s scary how alike we sound sometimes… of course moods, of course. Moods are what our lives are about. But also the ultra sensitivity. Sometimes, the anger (I haven’t been angry lately, but I have in the past), poetry, so many poems! Also how we all kind of make the bipolar d/o a separate entity. Not within us, but outside of us. How it is “hijacking our brain”, how it exists outside of us! God are we the Borg? How can people raised by different parents, in different cultures, with different values, and different outlooks, be so alike? Is this one disease such a unifying factor that genes as in nature, and culture as in nurture, are null and void? Oh except the bipolar genes of course. Wow, how powerful are these bipolar genes, that they can make people so alike in the face of pretty huge differences?

Some one should study this in a lab. It can be a collaboration between biologists and social scientists. An interesting experiment, though probably quite difficult to do. I’ll talk to the person whose whose lab I am starting in tomorrow or Tuesday, about this. Yes the day is finally here and I am extremely excited to be starting work in this lab. I think my project will be looking at the molecular biology of the action of Lithium! So incredibly excited. I wonder if all my bipolar friends would be this excited as well… just a thought.

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