America’s gun problem, explained

I have a mental illness, but I am so anti-gun that no matter what state I was in, as in geographical or mental, I would not be one to pick up a gun, EVER, to… to what? To take out my anger? To “solve” a problem? No I would not do it. But a lot of people would and have, and the fact that it is so easy to get a gun in the US only contributes to any other problem. Domestic violence, being a homophobe, being in a mentally unstable state, anger issues, suicide, crime. Any and all of the above problems without a gun are still problems, but WITH a gun, they are deadly. Please watch the video below and just have a look at how big the problem is here in the US. A problem that is perplexing, frustrating and deadly.

3 thoughts on “America’s gun problem, explained

  1. Great post 🙂 I’d love you to check out my post Guns & America if you get a chance. It’s so frustrating; hopefully now, at last, there will finally be some traction towards change.

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